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About OK-Net EcoFeed

OK-Net EcoFeed aims at helping organic pig and poultry farmers in achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed.

The 3-year project will create a European network of innovation groups to facilitate exchange and co-creation of knowledge among farmers, business actors, researchers and advisors. It will collect end-user material and develop new tools adapted to the needs of farmers and business actors.

The project will extend the farmknowledge platform. OK-Net EcoFeed is coordinated by IFOAM EU and consists of 11 partners and 8 linked third parties from 11 countries.

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The OK-NET EcoFeed consortium

OK-Net EcoFeed has 11 partners and 8 third linked parties covering 11 European countries. The consortium includes feed processors and mills, farmers and farmer’s organisations, research institutes, universities and advisory agencies.

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OK-NET EcoFeed partners